Billboard, (Novinar daily, December 10, 2003)

It is a billboard which could be seen on many streets in Sofia within the period September 2003 – September 2004. With this billboard the Dancing Wheels Formation took part in the Media Campaign for introduction in Bulgaria of the Assistant for Independent Life world program. This is an effective program which provides independent and full of value life for disabled people in the “normal” countries all over the world. The Center for Independent Life – Sofia organized and started the campaign after the conclusion of the 18 months long the Assistant for Independent Life Pilot Program which was project of the Center and was financed by the NOVIB Dutch Foundation.

The Media Campaign received the support of cultural figures, media, friends, sympathizers and mostly of people which need it very much!

On this occasion the producer Iglika Trifonova made the Short Stories documentary where three members of the Dancing Wheels Formation took part.