The repertoire of the Dancing Wheels includes folklore and contemporary dances of different genres, with original choreography based on physical skills, fresh humor and optimism which expresses the strength of a free human spirit!

The unique synthesis of specific choreographic decisions is a factor for the unlimited possibilities of the integrate dance:
• the use of not traditional dance elements;
• the free choice of movements in space;
• the feeling of relationship between the partners;
• the unlimited participation of human senses in a plastic according to the individual physical capacity;
• the different feeling of dance.

Spectacles, contemporary as stylistic and spirit, in which with the means of symbol and allegory the different aspects of the problem of limits and self-restraints of disabled people in the society in which we live are posed! Spectacles for self-surmounting which show the strength of a free human spirit not depending on the limits put by the body or the society!

Spectacles for tolerance and willingness to accept the differences between us – full of harmonious gestures, emotions, optimistic atmosphere, dynamic movement and attractive dance pictures!

The spectacles Invisible Limits, The Dance, Pictures of Bulgaria, Harmony, One World, Real Dream and others were realized in not traditional end effect subject line!

Every new dance spectacle opens before the performers of the Dancing Wheels Formation new challenges, new creative emotions and new ideas!