In the Press


24 Hours daily, December 3, 2002
Under the title Disabled People Dance in the NPC on the occasion of the World Day of Disabled People, Siana Sevova comments the premiere spectacle of the First Group for Integrate Dance in Bulgaria – the Dancing Wheels. With the Invisible Limits staging the choreographer Nonka Yordanova and the dancers from the formation shows that the desire of life full of value is stronger than the physical deficiency!

24 Hours daily, December 9, 2002
Under the title Nonka Teaches Disabled People to Dance, the journalist Siana Sevova tells the story about the foundation of the First Group for Integrate dance by its choreographer Nonka Yordanova; the thrills around the premiere of Invisible Limits staging; the personal story of Nonka’s life.

Black Sea Lighthouse daily, July 1, 2003
In her article the journalist Tanya Anastassova writes about the “unlimited possibilities of spirit”, which the choreographer Nonka Yordanova achieves together with the Dancing Wheels – the first group for integrate dance in Bulgaria by the means of expression of integrate dance. She describes the events of Nonka’s life which are in close relationship with her personal motivation for creating the dance formation.

24 Hours daily, December 22, 2003
The journalist Siana Sevova invites the friends and addicts of the integrate dance art to attend the Real Dreams new spectacle of the Dancing Wheels, with which the group celebrates its first anniversary. Cites also a text of the posters - “Free entrance for all dreamers”.

Black Sea Lighthouse daily, June 24, 2004
In the article Disabled People Dance for Charity Purposes the journalist Tanya Anastassova informs the readers about the Charity Concert of the Dancing Wheels Formation for Integrate Dance in the Saint George Rehabilitation Center, Pomorie, Bulgaria where the Formation present the Real Dream composition.

The British Council Bulletin, Sofia, June, 2003
Publication in the Bulletin concerning the foundation of the Dancing Wheels First Bulgarian Formation for Integrate Dance.

The British Council Bulletin, Sofia, September, 2003
A part of the letter of Nonka Yordanova, the choreographer of the Dancing Wheels Formation for Integrate Dance addressed to the British Council after the workshop carried out by CandoCo Dance Company in Sofia where the Formation took part.