About us

Nelly Sabeva :
“For me, to dance together with my friends from the group is a great pleasure. I like dancing very much, it’s a pretty experience! ”

Angelina Perchakliyska:
“I’m a member of the Dancing Wheels. I participate in it, because I like the challenges! It is something exiting, which has happened for a first time in Bulgaria!”

Yassenka Damyanova:
“I dance in the Dancing Wheels, because I like the amusing and optimistic atmosphere in the group!”

Plamen Atanassov:
“I have participated in this dancing group since its foundation. It is a very new experience for me.”

Borislav Vachkov:
"I’m the newest member of the group. I have been thinking so far that a person in a wheel chair couldn’t dance. But now I’m convinced in the opposite. If someone can’t believe this – let’s come and see us!"

Zarko Georgiev:
“For me, as a professional dancer, it is a great challenge to participate in a formation which popularize the integrate dance art in Bulgaria. The choreography is interesting and attractive! It is a unique experience! ”

Plamen Yordanov:
“I participate in the Dancing Wheels with a great pleasure. The dance is a movement full of emotion and the movement is life!”

Nonka Yordanova:
“The Dancing Wheels is my beautiful, fulfilled dream, my creative inspiration which fills me up with a positive energy! I admire the respect and kindness which the public gives to us! It makes me very happy! For my friends and me the Dancing Wheels is a door to the world outside, a bright path to the people’s souls. The attention which the public shows to us fills all the dancers of the group up with optimism and faith in the significance of our art!”